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This is a list of the tradition Shidokan kata practiced at Grand River Karate. We have created videos for most of the content which are available for members to reference on our Members login page.


The bunkai and oyo bunkai kata are also practiced with attackers. One student designated as the defender is positioned in the middle of a group of other students posing as attackers and performs the kata against/in partnership with the attackers. Each student is required to know their position's attack routine. When the kata is completed, the students rotate to a new position in the group, with a new person in the middle.


Students are required to know and perform all the positions. The bunkai and oyo bunkai have been handed down to and refined by Seikichi Iha Sensei.


  • Kihon Ichidan

  • Kihon Nidan

  • Kihon Sandan

  • Kihon Yodan

  • Kihon Godan

  • Kihon Rokudan

  • Pinan Shodan

  • Pinan Shodan Oyo Bunkai

  • Pinan Nidan

  • Pinan Sandan

  • Pinan Yondan

  • Pinan Yodan Oyo Bunkai

  • Pinan Godan

  • Naihanchi Shodan

  • Naihanchi Nidan

  • Naihanchi Nidan Oyo Bunkai

  • Naihanchi Sandan

  • Naihanchi Shodan Oyo Bunkai 

  • Itosu No Passai

  • Itosu No Passai Oyo Bunkai

  • Matsumura No Passai (Dai)

  • Kusanku (Sho)

  • Kusanku (Dai)

  • Chinto

  • Gojushiho

Bunkai with attackers

  • Pinan Shodan Bunkai 

  • Pinan Shodan Oyo Bunkai 

  • Pinan Sandan Bunkai 

  • Pinan Yodan Bunkai

  • Pinan Yodan Oyo Bunkai

  • Naihanchi Shodan Oyo Bunkai 

  • Naihanchi Nidan Bunkai

  • Itosu No Passai Bunaki


Drill and Kumites
Partner work is an important part of class training. We have 3 charts of partner drills and 16 kumites. In addition, Iha Sensei continues to develop many advanced partner work drills, motion drills and
self-defense application.

Download the Manual.

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