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I didn’t think I would ever train again and I was ready to say good-bye to martial arts. I’d practiced in two other styles, but I was in my late 40s and my knees hurt after every class. Then a friend of mine said, ‘You should check out this Okinawan karate that I do. Shidokan.’ I was a bit skeptical, but I came to a Tuesday evening class to give it a try. That was twelve years ago. Now I’m here pretty much every day. More than a dojo, I found a new family.”

D.E.C., University Professor

I joined the parents class with no prior martial arts experience and few expectations other than to support my son and get a bit of exercise. I’ve been surprised to discover true enjoyment in both the physical and mental aspects of the training and in progressing alongside my son. It has also been wonderful to watch my son’s confidence grow as a direct result of his training and encouragement from the Sensei and other dojo members. Now that my son is old enough we have both joined the teen/adult class. We’ve both found Grand River Karate to be a very friendly, welcoming and supportive community with a very skilled and dedicated volunteer leadership. I would highly recommend GRK for all ages and experience levels.”

H.D., Ecologist

I trained in another style of karate as a child, and when looking for a dojo for my son and myself, I found Grand River Karate. I love the Shidokan style. It’s very smooth and elegant, but still powerful. The best thing is you do not need to do a full split in order to deliver a good kick! This means that you can do it when you’re 90. Since everyone here is a volunteer, everyone loves training and supporting each other. We are like a big family.

T.N.L.D., Engineer


I joined Grand River Karate to practice along with my daughter, who was 10 years old at the time. Besides the physical benefits, my daughter learned confidence, discipline, and focus. She's an adult now and what she learned at GRK serves her well in her professional and personal life. I've stuck around GRK for fifteen years now. I've made great friends, learned lots of karate, and kept in shape. It is a wonderful community, volunteer club with exceptionally high standards for both karate and personal development. And, it is fun!

D.S., Professor


Our family is practicing Karate together at Grand River Karate. We highly appreciate hard work and remarkable efforts from Sensei's in here. They teach Karate with their great enthusiastic. They are willing to go into great details to show/explain how and why we are doing specific forms, stances, ... Always serious in training and testing. My kids enjoys when training in here. Highly recommend to anyone!

D.H., Engineer

My boy was a shy one, and we were looking for a martial art dojo to boost his confidence. Luckily, we found Grand River Karate, not only for my son but also for myself. We both love the natural movements of the style, which are suitable for all ages and the family atmosphere of the dojo. Moreover, the membership is very low since all the lovely instructors are voluntary. One of the main reasons we are still in Waterloo is Grand River Karate. Highly recommended for everyone.

T.N.L.D, Engineer

Our oldest son started in the kids class, on the recommendation of a work friend. When our second son was old enough, he wanted to join, too. Over the years, we have watched our boys mature and benefit from the teachings and examples set by the dedicated, passionate senseis and the fun, relaxed yet purposeful atmosphere of the dojo. In the last few years, we have made it a family affair with my husband and I joining as well. While there is no doubt that this is a physical activity, this style of karate is very suitable for young and old alike. It is a wonderful activity that we can enjoy as a family and our boys enjoy being our sempais (teachers) as they are higher ranks than us. 


Being a student at Grand River Karate is truly a life experience for me. As a martial art, it requires formality, respect and focus. The Sensei's are highly skilled and knowledgeable and are excellent teachers. Mentally, the club has given me something to be committed to, to focus on. I have new friends with a common goal that we are all working toward. 


The Sensei's at Grand River Karate have done a WONDERFUL job at creating a supportive and educational environment. My daughters and I love going to Karate on Thursdays. We love it so much. 


Our daughter learned some valuable lessons which stretched much beyond Karate. Particularly in the first couple of years, the training allowed her to grow in confidence. A quiet peaceful, beautiful confidence. So thank you for that. 


I want to thank you for a fantastic experience for both my son and me. It is truly inspiring to experience such quality instruction along with a clear sense of caring and sense of humour from each sensei and from the volunteers as well. I especially wanted to thank you for the way you show each student such respect and attention. 


My son and I are really enjoying class! This is the third dojo I've been a part of in the past 10 years and I think it's by far the best! 

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