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Do you work hard all day, come home exhausted and are stuck in a routine? You work out but exercise seems repetitive and boring. Do you have kids that spend part of their spare time in front of screens and are missing active motivation? The solution - Shidokan Karatedo. Improve your health, build a sharp/calm mind and have an amazing experience. 

Grand River Karate is a not-for-profit volunteer community organization

that has served the Waterloo Ontario Region and area since 1994.
We  teach an effective traditional Shorin Ryu Okinawan martial art called Shidokan Karatedo.
The style is based on natural body movements, making it very fluid, efficient and an effective form of self-defense.
This comprehensive program is designed for individual who wish to find a passion and be around people who support them fully.


We also have a successful kids and parents program. Yes parents, you can train at the same to support
the family bond.

Our dojo is directly under
Seikichi Iha Hanshi 10th Dan,
Head of the Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association

It is Iha Sensei's hope that with the help of their training in karatedo,
his students can learn to cope with any situation, be persistent,
face problems with courage, take care of themselves, realize their
optimum potentialand feel good about themselves.


Seikichi Iha frequently tells his students that

"Friendship and cooperation are the most important part of karate."

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Temporary Closer
Due to the Covert COVID-19 Virus the dojo will be closed starting March 14, 2020. At this point we cannot guarantee when classes will resume. Please check this website for periodic updates. Members will be contacted by email. The status of the events below may change.

Members Zoom classes and video instruction in progress.


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