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KIDS & PARENT CLASSES - Everything You Need to Know to Begin


The Grand River Karate Kids and Parent Class is a not-for-profit program. All of our instructor volunteers dedicate their time to support the development of children. The requirements and content are designed to help children improve coordination, confidence, memory, and teach them the importance of friendship, cooperation, and learning.

Welcome to the Kids and Parents Program!

Since 1994, we have been teaching and supporting kids on improving their health, coordination, memory and self defense awareness. Our program is most known for allowing parents the option to train at the same time as their children. We believe training together supports the family bond.


Age Requirement

8 to 11 yrs old

(Note: 12 and up are encouraged to join the

teen/adult class. We have a few kids and parents in

this program now that are enjoying what it offers) 

Date and Time

Thursdays 6:30 – 7:15pm

Pay Structure

$90 / 3 months - for the first participant

$45 / 3 months - for each additional family member (sibling or parent)

Fees are due on the first day of each 3-month membership period. The first 3-month registration 

Yellow Belt and Up - Additional Class Option

Yellow belts and up can take advantage of the Saturday morning class (9:30 - 10:15 am). No additional charge.


$50 - adult

$40 - kids

(includes 2 patches and a belt)


Additional Fees

Formal gradings are conducted by a grading board of instructors similar to the teen and adult program.

Belt Grading Fees: $40 / grading

It will include a Beikoku Association Certificate signed by the head of our association Seikichi Iha 10th Dan and our head instructors. Upon passing int will include a new belt.

Note: All stripe tests will continue to be free. Each student needs 3 stripes to help them prepare for a belt test.

How to Register

Complete the registration form for each participant at the following link: GRK Registration Form

Once you receive your confirmation email, please send an etransfer to (include the full name(s) of participants in the etransfer notes). 

How to Find our Location

COVID Protocols

In order to keep everyone safe:

  • Minimum double vaccination required.  

  • All participants and spectators must wear an appropriate mask inside the dojo. 

  • Screening/contact tracing: all participants and spectating parents will be required to self-assess for Covid symptoms and to sign in on an attendance sheet.

  • Please arrive in your uniform. Changerooms are not available. Washrooms are for emergency use only.

  • We recommend attendees use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

  • The outdoor air ratio will be maximized through open windows and doors, when possible.

 Important Note:

  • It is our policy that all children 11 and under must have a parent or guardian present at all times (either as a participant in the class or as a spectator). 


By submitting this information, you grand Grand River Karate your express consent to contact you on an ongoing basis with general updates, Grand River Karate news, holiday schedule, seminars, class cancellations and other important information. You may subscribe at anytime.



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