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Torsten Huhse
5th Dan, Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association 

Position at Grand River Karate
Grand River Karate board of director
1st Aid Certified

Self -Employeed Certified Electrician, Home Renovations


Began in 1987 in Berlin, Germany
1991 KW Karate

1994 Grand River Karate

1st Degree black belt from Kai-Shin Association

Why I Started
Primarily for self-defense and fitness, and I was looking for something different from work (a hobby/interest). 

Karate Achievements
As a result of karate in my life, I am a more centred person, calmer and more patient when faced with difficult situations. I have attended many seminars and karate camps over my years of study and especially enjoyed attending the International Shidokan conference last summer in Lansing, Michigan. e.g. Personal growth, awards, experiences. 

Why I like Shidokan Karate

Shidokan Karate as taught by Iha Sensei is a very deceiving style of karate. At the outset it is very straight forward, very obvious movements, very direct, very clear applications. However, with every step learned, there is yet another world of refinement that opens up. At first there are other applications of technique, other ways of using a motion: a turn suddenly becomes a throw. After that there are smaller and more subtle ways of generating power and speed, there is always a new level of body and muscle control. I compare it to playing a musical instrument: no matter how good you get, there is always another, perhaps elusive, subtlety to explore.

What I Enjoy About Teaching
I enjoy sharing my karate skills with others, helping them to achieve their personal goals. I have had many good teachers over the years and hope to take their best qualities and make any class I teach a rewarding, exciting experience for the students.

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