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The Nam Long Doan 
2nd Dan, Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association 

Grand River Karate since 2014

Assistant Instructor

Bo Instructor

Chemical Engineer

Why I Started 

I love martial arts and found Grand River Karate when I was looking for a dojo for my children. Right at the start, I thought this place is for me to begin my martial arts journey.

Why I like Shidokan
For me, Shidokan is a "Zen in motion" way of life. The natural movements, the fluidity of the techniques, the exceptional speed and power generated from relaxation and body coordination all make it a beautiful and effective martial art. 

What I Enjoy About Teaching
I can reach a higher level of learning when I teach. 

Other Interests

Life conservation, family, gardening, winter biking, archery

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