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Linda Frey

5th Dan, Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association 



Linda began training in Shorin Ryu Shidokan at Shidokan Canada in 1999 under Senseis Roy and Margaret Paul and is now a member of Grand River Karate under Sensei Fortunato Restagno. 
In 2018, Linda was promoted to 5th degree black belt by Iha Sensei. She has had the honour of training at the dojo of Shoei Miyazato Sensei, 10th Dan, in Argentina during his 50th Anniversary celebration in 2009, and with Kensei Taba Sensei, 10th Dan Shogen Ryu, and in Okinawa in 2019 during Iha Sensei’s Tookachi celebration and training.



Linda is a retired teacher, who spent much of her career working with young students, special needs students and as a primary reading specialist. 

Why I Started

I became a karate student after several years of watching my son and then my daughter practice Shidokan and reach Shodan level. My original goals when starting Karate at the age of 47 were to have a little exercise and flexibility training, learn some self-defence, have a family activity and achieve 1 or 2 coloured belt levels.  Since then, Karate has become a way of life, full of cooperation, friendship and learning.

Why I Like Shidokan

Studying Shidokan Karate has been a focus for mind, body and spirit, a mental and physical confidence booster, an opportunity to build friendships and a place to have fun.  Practicing karate is still achievable, even as I move into my 70’s and find ways to adjust to past surgeries and aging limbs.  I like using Shidokan’s  techniques and natural body movements, something that is achievable without using brawn and strength.  I am truly blessed to have karate friendships and associations both at home and world wide.

What I Enjoy About Teaching

Teaching keeps me learning and working to improve my own karate in order to share well with a student.  Finding ways to teach that suit the learner is challenging and rewarding, as well as asking the student to give their best.

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